Qantas launches Points Plane blitz with 3,000 flights up for grabs

Qantas Frequent Flyers looking for a summer holiday can take advantage of more than 225,000 reward seats to coastal destinations in Qantas’ biggest-ever release of Points Plane flights.

Six weeks of flights across 21 routes will be turned into Points Planes this summer, where every seat, including Business, can be booked as a Classic Flight Reward.

Points Plane routes on offer

From today, Qantas Frequent Flyer members will be able to book Classic Reward Seats on all flights between 9 to 22 January and all of February 2023 on the following routes:

  • Melbourne to Hamilton Island, Merimbula, Townsville, Devonport, Burnie, and the Gold Coast
  • Sydney to Byron Bay, Hamilton Island, Merimbula, Townsville, and the Gold Coast
  • Brisbane to the Whitsunday Coast, Hamilton Island, and Townsville
  • Adelaide to Townsville, Kangaroo Island, Mount Gambier, Whyalla, Port Lincoln, and the Gold Coast
  • Perth to Broome

Many of the routes on offer are classified as ‘Zone One', meaning they can be booked from 8,000 points one way. For a family of four travelling from Sydney to the Gold Coast and back, the total outlay comes to under 65,000 points (excluding carrier fees)

The full list of routes, including the points cost and applicable carrier charges, can be found in the tables below:

Economy Points Plane routes

RouteQantas PointsTaxes, Fees
and Carrier Charges
Gold Coast – Adelaide12,000$79
Gold Coast – Melbourne12,000$37
Gold Coast – Sydney8,000$42
Devonport – Melbourne8,000$49
Burnie – Melbourne8,000$29
Byron Bay – Sydney8,000$38
Kangaroo Island – Adelaide8,000$38
Whitsunday Coast – Brisbane8,000$52
Hamilton Island – Brisbane8,000$57
Hamilton Island – Melbourne18,000$50
Hamilton Island – Sydney12,000$54
Townsville – Adelaide12,000$41
Townsville – Brisbane12,000$43
Townsville – Melbourne18,000$36
Townsville – Sydney12,000$41
Merimbula – Sydney8,000$28
Merimbula – Melbourne8,000$29
Mount Gambier – Adelaide8,000$27
Whyalla – Adelaide8,000$38
Port Lincoln – Adelaide8,000$38
Broome – Perth12,000$56

Business Points Plane routes

RouteQantas PointsTaxes, Fees
and Carrier Charges
Gold Coast – Adelaide27,600$79
Gold Coast – Melbourne27,600$37
Gold Coast – Sydney18,400$42
Hamilton Island – Brisbane18,400$57
Hamilton Island – Melbourne41,500$50
Hamilton Island – Sydney27,600$54
Townsville – Adelaide27,600$41
Townsville – Brisbane27,600$43
Townsville – Melbourne41,500$36
Townsville – Sydney27,600$41
Broome – Perth27,600$56

How to book the latest round of Qantas Points Plane seats

All seats in Economy and Business on the designated Points Planes can be booked as Classic Reward seats via the Qantas website. Bookings open at 11 am today, with availability until 11 am, 2 December 2022. Seats on these flights can also be purchased with cash.

Will you be taking advantage of a Qantas Points Plane journey over the summer break?

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