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General advice to help you travel in style

The Champagne Mile offers general advice around travel and lifestyle hacks to help elevate your travel experience.

We do extensive research every day to bring you up-to-the-minute travel information, advising on the best destinations and ways to get the most out of your luxury holiday. From information about airports and airlines, through to where to stay and essential places to visit, you need to look no further for all the general travel and lifestyle advice you need.

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We provide you with all the latest news, reviews, tips and life hacks for getting the most from your frequent flyer points and making your holiday an unforgettable experience. Our wide range of useful articles is constantly being updated to cover an increasing range of destinations, travel and lifestyle topics, so it’s important to check in as regularly as you can!

Read on to gain all the travel and lifestyle advice you need to navigate the wonderful world of frequent flyer points and miles.