Using Points

Discover how you can travel in style with your frequent flyer points and miles

Get the most out of your frequent flyer rewards

So you’ve built up a decent amount of frequent flyer points – but how do you know you’re getting the best possible deal when it comes to using them? The Champagne Mile helps you to live that little bit smarter, explaining how to use your frequent flyer points to maximise your luxury travel experiences.

Using frequent flyer points to your advantage

At The Champagne Mile, we’ll help you to discover which loyalty schemes offer the best deals when it comes to using your frequent flyer points to get the very most out of them.

With regularly updated tips, advice and life hacks, we bring you all the latest deals, enabling you to maximise your frequent flyer rewards and enjoy the most luxurious travel experiences at the least cost to you.

We’re discovering new deals all the time – and we bring the best opportunities to you as soon as we find them. Keep checking The Champagne Mile to find out how to use frequent flyer points to your best advantage whenever you intend to fly.